The art of getting away has been perfected at Paradise Square.  Take advantage of the snorkeling or scuba diving in clear blue tropical waters, go deep sea fishing, enjoy a leisurely walk around our 1.5 sq mile car-free island, read a book in your hammock, savor delicious island seafood and a variety of fresh tropical fruits and beverages or delight in amazing sunrises or sunsets in blissful peace.  Envision your Slice of Paradise and live it to the fullest while enjoying a money-saving, brand new Caribbean island cabin.

Welcome to Your Slice of Paradise...

Whether it's your first time arriving on Little Corn or if you're a tried and true returnee, we are certain you will leave knowing you've found the mythical Paradise on Earth.  Our most precious gift to you is our tranquility which we have jealously guarded for centuries.  Your get-away from the hustle and bustle is guaranteed as you will find no cars (not even golf carts) on the island. Waking up day after day with nothing but the sounds of nature to greet you, and making the most of the amazing sunrises, gorgeous sunsets and astonishing full moon-lit nights will certainly make you realize that there is nowhere like LCI on this planet of ours.                            We invite you to: Relax  -  Release  -  Renew  @ Paradise Square LCI.

Paradise Square LCI